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Her devotion to coordinating events and field trips, arranging studio and lab time, and helping the students in so many ways to complete the project was nothing short of inspiring. Samaa Ahmed, a recent graduate of the OCADU Digital Futures Program was a perfect fit to get this process started. Samaa’s experience and research in the intersection of global culture and digital technologies helped the students find the direction and technologies they needed to express their ideas. Samaa’s contribution helped establish a context for the final site and offered students a clear sense of possibility for their individual sections. Our first step was to pool our ideas, skills, and resources to determine who could help whom. As we became familiar with each project it was not surprising that each of the nine students gravitated to various of the assistants organically, finding the support team member whose experience best suited their project. Queer spaces are often temporary and contingent, rainbow-glossed bubbles blooming briefly before they give way to exhaustion or gentrification—or both. Mindful of this, I’m in the process of opening a new year-round space with Pride in Art, building on QAF but also on legacies of other queer spaces that are no more, intervening in powerful institutions by building and maintaining art spaces that are explicitly identified as queer.

  • Natasha Kanapé Fontaine is an Innu poet-performer, actor, visual artist, and activist for Indigenous rights.
  • As a not-for-profit alternative to corporate bookstores, they are conveniently located right on Concordia’s downtown campus at 2150 Bishop Street in Montreal.
  • In 2013, she began clandestinely orchestrating small artistic participative actions with the hope that each one would get her neighbours to look up, begin to talk and build a community as they wondered about the art and the person behind it.
  • They have had involvement in event planning in BIPOC, and queer spaces, as well as involvement in various web based media outlets and social groups.
  • Using data from interviews and archival research, it will discuss changing regulatory expectations and means of governing.

„It’s a Boy or Girl“ is a 25 minute performance that deconstructs sex/ gender binary through creating a scene about gender debates between two research colleagues. Michelle Silver is an Associate Professor of Gerontology at the University of Toronto. Her research examines how perceptions about aging interact with social institutions like retirement, our own health information seeking, and our exercise habits. Dr. Derek Denis is a professor of linguistics at UTM, and his research focuses on the development of multi-ethnolects in the Canadian context. While extensive research exists on the development of multiethnolects in Europe, there is very little in Canada.

Ndg Arts Week

David Charette is a multi-talented artist working in visual arts, crafts, and traditional first nations singing & drumming. Julz Hale Mary is a San Francisco based multi-media artist from Fresno, CA. Through satirical improvisation, portrait photography and highly stylized videos, they create work which disrupts and complicates capitalist narratives. Their role play, acting and editing remains critical yet distorted in order to compliment their absurdist perspective. Diving into the hegemony of mainstream values, Julz Hale Mary often exaggerates their appearance to expose the disgusting quality of microaggressions, as well as the humorous absurdity of tradition.

Qouleur Festival

Jesse was named the first Executive Director of the Indigenous Screen Office in February 2018. Playback Magazine named Jesse the trailblazer of the year for 2020, and he was also included on Maclean’s Magazine’s Power List for 2020 and Toronto Life’s list of the most influential Torontonians of 2020. Dr. Beth Coleman is Associate Professor of Data & Cities at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology and Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, where she directs the City as Platform lab. Working in the disciplines of Science and Technology Studies and Critical Race Theory, her research focuses on smart technology & machine learning, urban data, and civic engagement. She is the author of Hello Avatar and multiple articles addressing issues of smart cities, urban data, augmentation & experience design, and critical race, among others. She has presented at leading international conferences and municipal contexts such as CHI; Sharing Cities, Barcelona; Gender and Cities, Geneva; Mars/Waterfront Toronto. Her research affiliations include the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University; Microsoft Research; Data & Society Institute, New York; and expert consultant for the European Commission Digital Futures.

Meet The „amélie Of Montreal“

In this capacity he helped organize over 300 LGBT immigrants from 52 countries residing in the New York Tri-State area. With Artexte’s support, this research has fostered connections between the two projects by tracing the strategies employed by artists to resist misrepresentations about Asian Canadians and Black Canadians in visual culture, emphasizing the importance of continuing to fight back against negative tropes. Along with the exhibitions and corresponding catalogue, the results of EAHR’s research residency will be presented in the form of two comprehensive bibliographies that will serve as valuable tools for the advancement of scholarship on ethnocultural art histories. Through the film’s exploration of identity politics in black lesbian communities in the US, Onuorah exposes discrimination that exists within the community.

We know that it would be impossible to replicate the unique combination of elements that defined Adrian Howells’ work. Rather we are looking for a project idea that looks to the future and is open to taking this area of performance forward in new and surprising directions. Although Adrian was perhaps best known for his one to one works we are not specifically looking for a proposal for one audience member. We have left this open to allow for contemporary interpretations and challenges to the form of intimate performance. Elisha Lim is an award-winning queer filmmaker and graphic novelist whose activist career is the subject of their PhD research into social media’s distortion of identity politics, supervised by T.L Cowan, David Neiborg and Rinaldo Walcott.

Quadriceps : Programme Semaine 1

There is no reason for the RCMP to be investigating them or for the media to be reproducing them. Some within the city’s gay community view the move as considerable progress towards mainstream public acceptance. „It has become like a festival occasion where, in the beginning, we were like Barnum and Bailey – the circus. Now, we’ve become banal,“ local gay activist Michael Hendricks told the CBC. June was a fantastic month for queers, at least in Ontario, where both a transgender human rights bill and an anti-bullying bill were passed in the legislature after long battles. A transgender rights bill is also currently advancing in the House of Commons after receiving support from some Conservative parliamentarians after watering down the wording, much to the chagrin of activists who’ve been long-working on the bill. In December, a federal government policy stating that trans people must undergo sex reassignment surgery to change the sex on their passport came to light and caused an uproar. The long-standing policy highlights the everyday legal struggles still faced by transgender Canadians.

Qouleur Festival

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