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It’s been very on and off for us due to the constant covid restrictions here in Ontario, Canada. When we were able to we consistently rehearsed once a week for the 1sttwo months of this year. But unfortunately, we’ve spent almost 3 months of this year in lockdown so we haven’t been able to rehearse at all during that time. But we’ve all been keeping productive despite all of that, we all have home recording set-ups so it’s been easy to record demos and send them to each other to work on at home.

Lycanthro Announce Canadian Shows + Hyperspace Metal Festival Appearance

Well the concept is nice, i like the idea the raiders are not listening to the typical songs from the Diamond City Radio, no they would prefer some harder/faster music. Because of local post are not consistent for shipping abroad now we have to using TNT/ARAMEX for ship out T-shirt and sweatshirt, if you bought other than those items kindly contact us if you wish to ship via courier. This crisp pop-rock come-on was originally much slower, according to Rogers, who says that after hours of work, Prince wiped everything but the drum track, sped up the beat on a tape machine, then began building the song again at its new tempo. Slap bass never sounded better than in this account of the disillusioning experience of success. Like the chord progression with its ’50s-era rock ’n’ roll vibe, the car metaphor in Prince’s lyric starts off innocent enough. By the third verse, though, he’s asking for „a little ride up and down / In and out and around your lake.“ Chuck Berry would approve.

„We are trying to present fans with a varied and memorable listening experience. Even though everything on this album still fits under the power / thrash metal umbrella, there is something for everyone on this record. High soaring vocals, harmonized guitars, heavy chugging riffs, odd but cool instruments and even a breakdown or two, all metalheads have something they can take from this record and walk away with a positive experience.“ Canadian born power/thrash metal outfit Lycanthro have released their most recent single from their upcoming album Mark of the Wolf. Lycanthro effortlessly blends influences from classic 70’s/80’s heavy metal, thrash, and power metal, combined with modern elements for a seamless fusion of past and present.

Dayglo Abortions Coat Hanger 2

Despite being around for over 50 years I have seen little in the way of old footage by the band. There was the Live 1980 DVD several years back but for the most part there appears to be little footage from the 60’s & 70’s floating around. The same three guys have been cranking out the tunes since the late 60’s and touring the planet with no sign of stopping anytime soon. This documentary gives the bands history from the beginning up until the „Heyday“ in the mid 80’s, or the „Video-era“ if you prefer. THAT is my only complaint about this Blu-Ray, it does not cover the 90’s to modern day. Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you’re interested in. Lycanthro has some new members since my last viewing of them and James took a moment to introduce them ahead of the closeout song.

lycanthro band

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