Montreal Pride

Still, sweet, lighthearted, vindicating moments are found within this narrative, such as when Felicia „Snoop“ Pearson is taught how to walk in high heels by her femme friends for an audition. While lighthearted, this moment points to the performativity at the core of the roles prescribed not only in that community, but in society at large. In contrast, more serious moments deal with examples of community members policing each other’s appearances and the consequences of those dynamics. Overall, the film remains relatively nonjudgmental, as Onuorah explores why these identities are important to those who hold them. GLAAD-nominated documentary The Same Difference focuses on the lives and communities of black lesbians in the United States.

Mbembe’s works on Necropolitics is timely when examining the case of Palestine especially during the covid-19 pandemic. The division and control over space/territory and the use of technology are two crucial characteristics. Then, by situating the context in the global picture, I discuss how popular media culture is itself forms of surveillance to normalize certain discourses and ideologies, and part of the surveillance capitalism through the Netflix television series Fauda . The examples I investigate are two different types of media products; one is from Fauda to critically study the relationship between technology and race, and connect them it to the present reality. The second part includes reviewing how the discourse of surveillance and use of technologies show up in media articles, official statements, and reports from civil society organizations during the pandemic in Israeli English news outlets. Using a poststructuralist political economy approach that takes into account discursive as well as political-economic components, I examine some of the most prominent bills of digital rights, such as the IGF’s Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet.

Richard Martel

He has co-authored editorials, briefing notes to the House of Commons, and created digital content for the CGO and WIPO Monitor. Andrey Mir is a media expert and journalist with twenty years in the print media and ten years in media research. Currently, he is a PhD Candidate in Communication & Culture at York University, Toronto. He is the author of „Postjournalism and the death of newspapers“ , „Human as Media. The Emancipation of Authorship“ and a number of books on media and politics. His dissertation in journalism and linguistics focused on the linguistics of the Soviet media and propaganda.

Which future scenarios can be seen or devised from the perspective of the Teufelsberg area? How can such scenarios be transformed into a performative language and which spatial and narrative means are available for this? And which roles do subjective and especially collective bodies play for the development of such a language? This Body Mapping Lab will examine those questions while working on a collaborative performance to be presented on the last day. Besides this structural change of the event design, we are very pleased to be able to present, yet another year, a program with some historically important performance artists alongside a number of renown and emergent artists from around the globe. The Adrian Howells Award for Intimate Performance is an opportunity for an artist to develop and present a new performance based project in Glasgow and London. The Award aims to celebrate the intimate work that Adrian pioneered and excelled at, as well as providing an opportunity to explore new territories in this field of practice.

Montreal International Reggae Festival

Of Colour quickly organized a public meeting, drawing representatives from 21 organizations. Over two hours, they acquainted Glenbow officials with the history of queer culture and censorship. The Glenbow, for its part, requested that organizers submit their films to the Alberta Film Classification board, but ultimately the festival continued. Despite all of the panic, sensationalism, phone calls, and threats to call in the police, only two protesters showed up at a meagre rally against The Fire I’ve Become. During World War II, an estimated 200,000 women from Korea, China and the Philippines were interned in military brothels.

Qouleur Festival

Gwen is advising Governance Planning Pilots involving over 170 First Nation and Inuit communities from all across the country. Geneva Nam is a scholar from Vancouver, interested in Canadian Broadcasting, ethnicity and fintech policy. She recently successfully defended her thesis on OMNI Channel and Canadian ethnic media broadcasting policy from Simon Fraser University.

Martine Roy

They are the first openly trans clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada, have won a multitude of awards and scholarships and have had their academic work and personal interviews published in several newspapers, magazines and journal articles. In honor of International Women’s Day earlier this march, I wanted to take a moment to highlight transfeminine people both locally and around the world. Whether it be for their activism or their social and cultural involvement, these individuals stood out over time and deserve to be recognized. Kama La Mackerel is a Montreal-based Mauritian-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, educator, writer, community-arts facilitator and literary translator who works within and across performance, photography, installations, textiles, digital art and literature.

  • They were also products of interaction between the country of origin of the educators and founders of institutions and the local community where they founded the school.
  • Kait Kribs is a Ph.D. candidate in the Joint Program in Communication and Culture at York University/Ryerson University.
  • As a scholar-activist, Ed is involved in a number of community-based initiatives, including Qouleur (arts-based queer and trans people of colour collective) and AGIR .
  • Her work is back dropped by cityscapes, buildings and nature, in an organic, un-coerced setting.
  • The collective aims to celebrate and provide space to radicalized queer identities and experiences.

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