Montreal Artist’s Pottery Line Has Real Personality

At the height of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, queer films and videos became critical pedagogical and advocacy tools, normalizing safer sex in often funny and explicit ways. In the early 1990s, New Queer Cinema , pushing back against the stigma of AIDS, brought the radical politics of queer experimental filmmaking to mainstream film festivals. By the late 1990s and early 2000s, though, the effects of NQC had softened, and Will & Grace defined the syrupy new iteration of mainstream queer representation.

Hungry to feed their artistic cravings, they travelled the country and became fascinated with the rapidly disappearing ancient practices of artisan communities. They began studying traditional textile design and creation, and emerged with an aesthetic of bold colours and patterns. Their work has been featured in Wallpaper, Fader, I-D Magazine and Vogue and they were named by Frida Gianinni as her favourite young designers from India. As the conversation around Stonewall continues, another film being made in New York City is receiving increased attention online. is a film that tells the story of the days that immediately precede the Stonewall riot, focusing on trans women of colour Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Lucas Charlie Rose is a black trans-masculine hip-hop artist, founder of Trans Trenderz, a non-profit record label for trans artists responsible for the release of the world’s first ever all trans hip hop mixtape.

The period was also marked by activism and contestations by racialized cultural producers over representation, funding, and discontent with the promises of multiculturalism. Organizations and collectives such as CAN BAIA (Canada’s national black arts presentation and service organization), The Black Film and Video Network, The Coalition for the Truth About Africa, Diasporic African Women’s Art Collective , and Our Lives newspaper were born out of this moment of foment. Born in Halifax, Trish Salah is a poet, activist and assistant professor in the Department of Gender Studies at Queen’s University. Her first collection of poetry, Wanting in Arabic, is chiefly concerned with diasporic Arab, transgender and queer subjectivities and the social, rhetorical and desiring labour of minority community formation in contexts of erasure and violent othering. First published in 2002 by TSAR, Wanting in Arabic was published in a new, expanded edition in 2013, which won the Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction. 1 employs the lyric as lens to read the intersection of transgender and eugenic fantasies encoded in feminist, autobiographical, anthropological, sexological and psychoanalytic archives.

Social Networks And Messengers

Public inquiries around the world are casting a critical eye on the economic and political clout of digital platforms, asking what—if anything—should be done to bring them under effective regulatory control. They are also blamed for destroying the commercial basis of journalism and entertainment media and for their corrosive impact on democracy and public culture. This paper acknowledges that the digital behemoths have considerable power but argues that such assertions are often overwrought and based on shaky evidence. Further, critics who point to the effects of „harmful content“ and disinformation campaigns to justify calls to regulate platforms as media companies too often conflate reach with impact. According to a policy translation perspective, museum policies are the relationships mobilized to support and enact museums. New technologies have shaped those relationships, changing the governance of the sector. When the Province of Ontario introduced a museum policy and standards of operation attached to an operating grant , the use of computers in museums was limited.

Her research looks at the interaction between intellectual property, property and contracts, as well as consumer and privacy law, as they relate to emerging technologies, business processes, media and platforms. Her book Copyright User Rights, Contracts and the Erosion of Property explores the rights users have to works protected by copyright (e.g. books, software, music, films) in an ever-changing technological environment. Pascale Chapdelaine has received various awards for her research and publications, including a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Award . She is Co-Founder of Windsor Law LTECLab She holds an L.L.B. & B.C.L. from Mc Gill University Faculty of Law, an LL.M from the K.U.

Should People Who Arent Nonbinary Use Mx ?

The exhibition is grounded in Afrofuturism, which began in the ‘60s as a musical and literary genre that merges modern technology, African roots and futuristic imagery. By allegorically linking space travel with the forced migration of Africans slaves, Afrofuturism provides a platform to imagine alternative narratives of black identity that are empowered and self-determined. TOTUM is a group-oriented art zine collecting the works of up-and-coming Montreal illustrators. The idea behind it is to create a book with a rich variety of voices and visions, a place to take these individual pieces and to create a whole with them. The Artexte team is pleased to host an artist’s talk by Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam, who will give a talk on his serial artist’s publication projects.

Qouleur Festival

This artist’s talk is presented in collaboration with the Queer Between the Covers Bookfair and Qouleur. The other demands of „No Pride“ might not be so easy for Fierté to heed, though. Firstly, financially supporting those charged under Law 78 with money raised at the Gala, while admirable in principle, might be an impossible task. If the money was raised for a specific purpose, Fierté can’t rightfully spend it on something else. If, however, they can use the money to fight the constitutionality of the law, then they would do well to remember that it’s not just students whose right to protest is being limited—its theirs as well. And protesting, as previously stated, is how the gay rights movement started.

It’s fair to say that she’s found the balance, because Lin’s artistic biography is staggering. Since her time as an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, Lin has racked up over 150 credits in group and solo exhibitions, video screenings, residencies, artists’ book collections and workshops. But her list of accomplishments isn’t what Lin considers to be most important—it’s the people she’s been able to work with, and certain projects that have her particularly inspired. „I’ve been working in a really introspective way,“ Jenny Lin said of her recent artistic endeavours. The visual artist and part-time Concordia professor has found herself in what seems to be a creative ebb—drawing back from her usual schedule to make room for new projects and pursuits. Stephen Surlin is a PhD candidate at McMaster University in Communications and Multimedia.

Montreal Highlights Festival

Wendy’s personal art practice explores coenesthesia, the sense of embodiment that arises from the combination of all sensory input. She works with Virtual and Physical Interactive objects and environments toward a goal of creating revitalizing affect in the user. An Anishinaabe artist and educator, Bonnie developed the initial project proposal, the course curriculum, and in collaboration with OCAD University, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Province of Ontario secured the necessary academic and cultural supports and financial resources for the project. Her concern for the student’s experience and the excellence of the final project was a constant reminder of why we were there. To create a speculative archaeology requires dimensional thinking, so several students elected to work in 3D environments. She guided the students as they learned the digital modelling techniques and software to accomplish their goals. Wendy’s experience in the film industry, her work on motion picture special effects and CGI projects, and her research in coenesthesia allowed her to respond to the student’s conceptual explorations with deep sensitivity. 16-23 August 2013 Qouleur celebrates racialized queer identities and experiences with an action packed week-long festival of art exhibitions, performances, workshops, music and love.

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